New Egyptian CDs


LIVE MUSIC, Recorded in Egypt, 2022

1. Nawara Rhythms CD

Sam Nascimento's original hypnotic Arabic rhythms for improvised rhythmic dancing, especially created for Keti Sharif's Nawara group improvisation, also suitable for jamming, sagat or playing percussion. Enjoy a variety of 6 flowing rhythms, easy to learn, for a relaxed, authentic feel. 

1. Nawara A-E Rhythm 6:12 min
2. Nawara F-J Rhythm 5:38 min
3. Nawara K-O Rhythm 4:55 min
4. Nawara P-T Rhythm 5:07 min
5. Nawara U-W Rhythm 3:31 min
6. Nawara X-Z Rhythm 3:23 min

2. Nawara Instrumentals CD

Sublime taqseem and improvised Arabic music, with Sam Nascimento's hypnotic Arabic rhythms for Keti Sharif's Nawara group improvisation. Enjoy 7 flowing instrumentals, each with a specific rhythm and feel plus a nay reprise.

1. Nawara A-E 'The Wadi' 6:12 min
2. Nawara F-J 'The Dervish' 5:38 min
3. Nawara K-O 'Taqseem' 4:55 min
4. Nawara P-T 'Sabah El Eshta' 5:07 min
5. Nawara U-W 'Samai wa Zorofat' 3:31 min
6. Nawara X-Z Maghreb 3:23 min
7. Nay Taqseem 1:53 min

3. Desert Rhythms CD 

13 exciting and often lesser used Arabic, Gulf and North African rhythms - multi layered and enriched with several percussion instruments; dof, darbuka, doholla, dof and Riq. Sam Nascimento's rhythms suit improvised rhythmic dancing, drum solos, jamming, sagat or playing percussion. 
1. Badawi 2:38 min, 2. Bambi 1:43 min., 3. Bastah 1:41 min, 4. Dabke 3:04 min, 5. Dazzah 1:30 min, 6. Maghrebi 1:48 min, 7. Malfuf + Karachi 2:36 min, 8. Maqsoum Medley 3:30 min, 9. Nubi 2:31 min, 10. Rai 2:58 min, 11. Rhumba Adani 2:07 min, 12. Saiidi Super Mix 3:12 min, 13. Tunsi 1:56 min

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More CDs by Sam Nascimento and Keti Sharif

4. 40 Arabic Rhythms Double CD Set

Sam Nascimento's 40 Arabic Rhythms from Adani to Zorofat - comes with PDF and time signatures. Perfect for practice, 3 mins each track.

5. Al Qamar CD

Keti's sublime taqseem and instrumental Arabic music CD by Egyptian composer and Nay maestro Khaled Hassan. Original songs with a clean, fresh modern Cairean feel perfect for stage.

6. Egyptian Classics CD 

Om Kolthoum & Abdel Halim Classics

Beautiful rich classics every dancer should know,  essential dance musical orchestral pieces for your dance perfiormance and prtactice.

Recorded Live in Cairo

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