Little Egypt Children's Parties

Fun Egypt-themed Birthday parties for children aged 3-9 years old at our Pyramid-style studio in Morley, WA.
Kids will enjoy a fun experience with dress-ups - they can be Pharaonic Prince & Princesses, Egyptologists or Mummies!
Drumming, dancing, treasure hunts, games and YUMMY Little Egypt platter & cupcakes.
Its a fun way to celebrate your child's BIG day! Parents can enjoy coffee & cake in the 'Luxor' temple area.

Children's 'Little Egypt' Parties

  • 2 hour Children's Parties for ages 3-9 years old Egyptian Themed Studio in Morley
  • Enjoy Egyptian Drumming, Dancing & fun games with Pharaonic party hostess.
  • Includes dress up costume hire,  treasure hunt and prizes & Egyptian mini platter & cupcakes. 
  • Parents can stay for coffee & cake!  Relax while your child is entertained by our friendly staff. 

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  • Cost: $60 per child (Minimum 6 children) includes dress up costume hire, treasure hunt, drumming, dancing, entertainment, refreshments. 
  • Parents coffee and cake package $15 p/person.

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Children can enjoy an Egyptian-themed parties with the mystique of Ancient Egypt - Pharaohs, Explorers & Mummies!

Fun Birthday parties for 3-6 year olds

Ancient Egyptian Dress ups

Games, drumming, dancing, treasure hunts

Mini Egyptian platter & cupcakes

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    The Blue Lotus Room is a spacious 150m studio with a large class area &  acoustic stage. Sam Nascimento & Keti Sharif teach fun Arabic Drum Workshops for Children & supply percussion instruments. Come down for a fun, educational & multi-cultural experience for school children, suits ages 5-12.
  • 1 Hour Class = Introductory talk, 45 min drumming lesson, 5 min performance,  plus certificate of attendance presented at the end.
    One hour class is $25 per child, minimum 10 participants.
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    Covid-safe practices, all drums are cleaned & sanitised.

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